About us

Fredrik Hiller

Director and Producer

Fredrik went to Malmö Theatre Academy 1995-98. As an actor he has worked at Gothenburg City Theatre,
The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm and The Theatre of Angered. He also played a role in Robert Zemeckis epic film BEOWULF. Fredrik has directed 17 plays, including Romeo and Juliet and Othello, and he has written 11 plays. The psychological thriller PSALM 21 (www.psalm21.se), which was his debut as a film director, premiered in Sweden on november 2010.

Thabo Malmén


Thabo went to film school in Stockholm and has worked as a music video director and producer for commercials. He has also worked at the Swedish television channel TV 4. Thabo´s main passion is feature film, why he has now decided to put his heart into producing movies for the big screen. PSALM 21 was his first big movie project. Thabo was adopted from India when he was 3 months old. He feels that ZONE 261 raises questions that are always topical.

David Hanna

Producer & PR manager

David Hanna has worked with PR and communications since he graduated from Forsbergs School of Advertising where he studied copywriting. He has also worked as an author. In 2008 he contributed to the Swedish anthology PITTSTIM. David is originally from Syria and can relate to the story in ZONE 261 on a deeply personal level.

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